Dr. Clemens Aderhold
Josef Brocker Dyk 143
D-47803 Krefeld (Germany)

T  +49 (0) 21 51  6 59 97 84
F  +49 (0) 21 51  9 76 53 3



  • Dynamit Nobel AG
    Long standing career as managing director with Pigmentchemie leading a staff of 500
  • Sachtleben Chemie GmbH
    Overall responsibility of market segments coatings, plastics and paper
  • European Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association - TDMA
    Vice Chairman of the Cefic Sector Group, Belgium
  • Guangzhou Huali Sachtleben Company Ltd
    Numerous terms as Board member of the Sino-German joint venture, China
  • Sachtleben Corporation Inc, NY
    Chairman of the Board and CEO of the North American branch, USA
  • Argonne National Laboratory, IL
    Postdoctoral research fellow, Chemical Division, USA
  • Gesellschaft fuer Kernforschung Karlsruhe
    Scientific assistant at the Institute fuer Heisse Chemie