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Industries Core Competence Life Cycle Stages

Core Competence

Our strength, the complemental expertise in technology and economics, in combination with a destinct industrial focus defines our scope of services naturally.

We devote ourself to selective core competences and we are optimal qualified for such tasks as

  •  Strategic corporate management
  •  Dynamic restructuring
  •  Market-oriented management
  •  Innovative business revitalization

Strategic corporate management challenges call for consideration of the entire business life cycle as well as for reflection of the different managerial requirements at any particular stage of the business life cycle.


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At the stage of maturity and decline, however, the main emphasis rests on dynamic restructuring. The proactive tournaround or financial reorganization are options for ways out of the crisis.
Whereas at the stage of development and growth customer focus and market orientation come to the fore.
Innovation and adaption in new technological and market potential are dominating the development stage of the business life cycle and become priority at the stage of decline the latest to reanimate the business with all possible resources.



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